Josep Traver (Barcelona, 1968) started playing the guitar at the age of eight. Upon turning eighteen, he began studying harmony, arranging and guitar technique at the Escola de Música de Badalona (EMB).

By 1991, he was working as a professional guitar player while also teaching guitar at the EMB. Later, he studied classical guitar and obtained a masters degree from the Conservatori Professional de Badalona. Masterclasses with John Scofield, Jorge Rossy, Javier Juanco, Pere Soto and Dani Perez.



Palau de la Música Catalana, The Auditori, Theatre National of Catalonia, Jamboree, Dragon Cave, La Boite, Jazz Cava of Vic, New Jazz Cava of Terrassa, Room Bikini, Luz de Gas, Theatre des Born de Ciutadella, Theatre Zorrilla of Badalona, CaixaForum to Auditorio Caja Madrid.

Participation in television and radio in TV3, C33, TVE2, RAC 1, Catalunya Radio and the SER.



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  • Title of Professor of instrument by the Professional Conservatory of Music in Badalona.
  • Electric guitar, harmony and combos with Quique Ramon Soriano and Montoliu (EMB).
  • Arrangements with Francesc Capella (EMB).
  • Improvisation and Method Hal Crook with Martì Serra (EMB).
  • Private lessons with Javier Juanco and Pere Soto.
  • Masterclass with John Scofield, Dani Perez, David Mitchell, Jordi Matas and Jordi Bonell.
  • Course with Jorge Rossy.
  • Composition course with Joan Albert Amargòs and Lluìs Vergés.

Teaching experience

At present, he teaches guitar and combo groups at the EMB and is part of the team at the Guitar Department making the teaching materials.

He writes articles for the Spanish Total Guitar magazine and gives bluegrass, fingerpicking and gipsy swing courses. Also he wrote writes "La guitarra acústica bluegrass", the first book to be published in Spanish on bluegrass guitar

Musical experience

During his musical career he has worked as an electric and acoustic guitarist playing bluegrass, jazz, blues, country, funk, folk, gypsy swing, pop and rock. As a band guitar player he is part of Joan Chamorro Band, Django's Castle and Joan Isaac among others, and has travelled and recorded in Europe as well as the United States.

Live concerts, recordings and TV and radio appearances in Spain are also a regular activity. Recently he composed original music to be performed live by guitar and computer, it was written to accompany the 1925 silent film The Battleship Potemkin by Sergei Eisenstein.



  • Birmingham Jazz Festival (England, 2001-02-03-04-06-07-08), Django's Castle.
  • Segovia Folk, Joglars and Senglars.
  • Gironafolc, Joglars and Senglars.
  • Zürifäscht, Tony Lewis.
  • Festival of Jazz of Terrassa, Django's Castle.
  • EWOB Bluegrass Festival , The Wild Turkey Band.
  • VII Festival Músiques of the Mòn, Joglars and Senglars.
  • MercèFolk, Andana.
  • Tradicionàrius, Andana.
  • Mercat Música Viva of Vic, Andana more Domini Màgic.
  • Interlaken Country Festival, Tony Lewis.
  • Sakets Harbor Festival, Tommy Gunn.
  • 15o Festival of Jazz of Ciutat Vella, Djanguillos.
  • Barnasants 2005, 2007 and 2010, Albert Fibla.
  • Gira ACIC 2005, Albert Fibla.
  • Cicle Música because yes, JT Quartet.
  • 1º Cycle de Jazz to Badalona, Big Band Badalona more Django's Castle.
  • 38º Festival Internacional of Jazz de Barcelona, Big Band Badalona.
  • Menorca International Jazz Festival 2009, Joan Chamorro sextet.
  • Festival of Jazz of Girona 2009, Big Band Badalona.
  • 18º Festival of Jazz d'Arenys of Mar, Gumbo jass band.
  • 42º Festival of Calonge with Joan Chamorro to Andrea Motis.